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SensoryRx Wheelchair Swing

SensoryRx Wheelchair Swing

From $9,999.00

Pre-Order Available August 2024

This heavy duty, high capacity swing is designed to serve as many individuals as possible while remaining in their wheelchair.

We can help you navigate use of any grants, financial assistance, or state waivers. Contact our team at to get started.

*Patent Pending*


  • Fits most wheelchairs, including tilt-in-space power wheelchairs.
  • Can be mounted by wheelchair user with very little assistance. No transfers!
  • High weight capacity and designed for durability.
  • Swinging motion can be conducted by a helper or by oneself.
  • Compatible with SensoryRx Commercial System swing frame so you can attach other sensory swings at the same time - talk about multi-purpose!
  • Designed for indoor use. Contact our team for more information if you are considering outdoor use.
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