Grants Resources

Funding opportunities are typically offered via fundraising, grants, or government aid. Below are a few examples. We encourage you to explore regional options, as they are often easier to navigate and have a greater chance of success. Feel free to contact us with any questions - we're happy to help!

Already receiving disability assistance via SSI/SSID, MA/MSA, or ID/DD waivers? We can work with you! Contact our team at to get started.

Government Grants / Aid

There are government-funded assistance opportunities for individuals, families, organizations, and schools. We encourage you to explore additional regional government resources.


- ABLE National Resource Center

- NIH Grants and Funding

- Medicaid Waiver (Lists by State)

- North Dakota DD Waiver

- North Dakota Autism Services

- MN CADI Waiver

For Individuals or Families

Many charities and businesses provide grant opportunities for a variety of needs and requests. Below are a few examples. We encourage you to look into opportunities available in your region.

- Autism Care Today

- Kiddos Clubhouse Foundation

- Sunshine Foundation

- Giving Angels Foundation              

- My Gym Foundation              

- Modest Needs           

- Cerner Charitable Foundation              

- Dream Factory           

For Organizations or Schools

Below are great oportunities for non-profit organizations and schools to either conduct fundraising or seek financial aid. There are often regional opportunities as well.

- US Dept of Education

- McCarthey Dressman Teacher Development Grant

- Kiwanis


- Get EdFunding