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SensoryRx Swing Swivel

SensoryRx Swing Swivel

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Create versatility with your sensory ropes and swings by adding a SensoryRx Swing Swivel into the mix. This swivel gives spinning swings a full 360-degree range of motion, and it easily turns single direction swings into a fun spinning activity.

Spinning engages the vestibular system and is an important tool in Sensory Integration therapy. Individuals seeking high levels of sensory input and stimulation can enjoy a safe outlet through alerting movements such as spinning, bouncing, jumping, and skipping.

For proper use, a swing swivel must be connected to an Oval Carabiner on each side, which will add length to the overall swing. Be sure to measure your space, and plan ahead!

Material: Stainless steel, powder coat black

Dimensions: 4" x 2" (HxW)

Capacity: 700lb

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