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SensoryRx Round Bolster Swing

SensoryRx Round Bolster Swing

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Build strength, coordination, and balance while having fun! Swing back-and-forth with both feet together on the SensoryRx Round Bolster Swing, or switch it up and straddle the bolster like a horse for bilateral integration. There is plenty of room for two people if someone needs support while in motion.

Need more variety? Hang multiple bolsters together and run across them like logs, lie stomach-down on the bolster for deep pressure, or hang upside down from bolster like a koala for a true physical challenge!

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Suggested Uses


  • Lateral swinging on stomach or bottom
  • Straddle sideways swinging (like a horse)
  • Obstacle to climb over or under
  • Hang and swing from the underside

Recommended Space

  • Swing height depends on user discretion, but the mounting location should be approx. 65" from the ground.
  • A swing radius of 4 feet is required, 6 feet is recommended.

Product Sensory Profile

Each person has unique sensory needs to feel regulated and focused. Every product we offer is rated by an Occupational Therapist for the vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile senses. This swing focuses on building overall strength, balance, and body awareness.

Not sure which swing is the right one? Learn more about how to pick sensory motor equipment based on your sensory needs.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions
    35"L x 53"H x 11" Diameter
  • Capacity
  • Color
  • Material
    Wood frame with foam padding
    Nylon rope
    PU leather cover
  • Attachment Style
    Double-point with Oval Locking Carabiner