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HearthSong Blue Wave Rope Tunnel

HearthSong Blue Wave Rope Tunnel

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Get ready for a fun physical and sensory experience! The Blue Wave Rope Tunnel delivers the right amount of physical challenge that will improve core strength, balance, and gross motor skills. Crawling and climbing activities with the tunnel are also great for providing proprioceptive input in the hands, arms, and legs. 

The Blue Wave Rope Tunnel can be mounted outside between two tree trunks or indoors across a SensoryRx Double Pod. It's common to feel a little unsure and wobbly at first, but a few minutes of practice in the tunnel increases confidence. It's sure to become a favorite activity!

Because of its length and higher capacity, the Blue Wave Rope Tunnel is great for circuits and obstacle courses and can handle multiple users at a time. It promotes social interaction as friends crawl together, seek assistance from each other, and cheer their peers on!

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Suggested Uses


  • Crawl through as a suspended tunnel
  • Gentle rocking while lying flat or on hands and knees
  • Cover tunnel with a blanket to create a fort

Recommended Space

  • Tunnel height from the ground depends on user discretion. Mount at a higher level and with stronger tension if the goal is to keep the tunnel suspended when in use.
  • Mounting locations should be 9 - 16 feet apart for proper tension.

Product Sensory Profile

Each person has unique sensory needs to feel regulated and focused. Every product we offer is rated by an Occupational Therapist for the vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile senses. The rope tunnel provides strong input for all three senses. Sensory seekers will love this tunnel, but there are also modified activities that can help reduce input levels for those more timid.

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Product Specs

  • Dimensions
    6' Length (8' total with hanging ropes) x 3' Diameter
  • Capacity
  • Color
  • Material
    Steel frame at each end of the tunnel, wrapped in weather-resistant nylon rope
    Nylon rope webbing tunnel
  • Attachment Style
    2 Heavy-duty ratchets & 2 nylon slings included