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Gymnastics Incline Mat

Gymnastics Incline Mat

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There are so many activities that come with gymnastics foam shapes, including folding incline mats. Incorporate them into an obstacle course or use them as an aid to get onto another swing. Climb, tumble, and roll your way to fun sensory play!

Made by our partner We Sell Mats®, these incline mats have a solid foam core encased in a high-quality 18 oz. vinyl covering and resist wear, tear, and ripping. The cover also makes cleaning easy with a warm wash cloth too!

Available in multi-color.

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Suggested Uses


  • Climb up an incline or down a decline as part of a circuit or obstacle course.
  • Gymnastics movements such as somersaults or barrel rolls.
  • Aid in climbing up into another swing.

Recommended Space

  • When using for gymnastics, the incline mat should be at least 12" longer than the height of any user. For climbing purposes, there are no user height restrictions.
  • A safety radius of 4 feet from the center of the mat is required, 6 feet is recommended.

Product Sensory Profile

Each person has unique sensory needs to feel regulated and focused. Every product we offer is rated by our Occupational Therapist for the vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile senses. When used for tumbling or rolling, the incline mat provides moderate vestibular and proprioceptive input.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions
    60”L x 30”W x 15”H
  • Color
    Mutli-Color: Red, blue, and yellow
  • Material
    Solid foam core encased in a high-quality 18 oz. vinyl covering