School Solutions for Sensory Needs

Children with sensory differences can have educational needs from mild to severe, and a common denominator is their need for sensory and movement regulation. A child experiencing dysregulation within the classroom often struggles to remain engaged, which can be disruptive. It is SensoryRx’s goal to provide educators tools the child needs to unlock their potential and find focus through movement.

What does a “day in the life” of an educator of children with sensory differences look like?

Not all children arrive at school ‘ready to learn,’ and the educator has to quickly identify and respond to the child’s sensory needs. One of the biggest challenges educators face: what worked yesterday may not work today. Sensory needs fluctuate, and the educator needs to be provided with a full toolbelt to help the child refocus and remain integrated within the classroom. That’s where SensoryRx can help.

What school solutions are available for sensory needs?

Sensory rooms, used to either reduce or add stimuli to regulate the sensory system, are becoming a popular addition to schools to address behavioral and sensory regulation. SensoryRx provides an “all-in-one” solution where students receive sensory inputs that meet their unique needs. Each SensoryRx system can be customized with accessories like swings, slides, and climbing devices to provide stimuli from movement, pressure, or touch.

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Coach Nate Hendrickson swinging two kids on a SwRing ring swing

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