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HearthSong Rainbow Triangle Rope Climbing Ladder

HearthSong Rainbow Triangle Rope Climbing Ladder

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What lies at the end of the rainbow? Kids will imagine ever-more-exciting destinations every time they climb! With room for a couple of kids to climb, the options for adventure are limitless! Climb up one of the three sides, or scooch through the middle to the top. Climbing ropes is fun, and it also helps improve grip strength and overall physical fitness!

SensoryRx Oval Locking Carabiner not included. Standard HearthSong Carabiner is included.

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Suggested Uses


  • Gentle lateral or circular swinging while standing on the ladderc
  • Small-scale ladder climbing

Recommended Space

  • To fully utilize all rungs, the mounting location should be at least 84" from the ground.
  • A safety radius of 4 feet is required, 6 feet is recommended.

Product Specs

  • Total Length
  • Capacity
  • Color
    Multi-Color / Rainbow
  • Material
    Enamel-coated metal rungs
    Nylon weather-resistant rope
  • Attachment Style
    Single-point steel O-ring with an included carabiner